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Sleep Course

Everything you need to know to have your little one sleeping 11-12 hours at night!

I know times are tough for so many right now and everyone is feeling the pinch of day-to-day living costs. This is an affordable option that you can start in your own home TONIGHT, and you will see changes within one WEEK!

Learn the Just Love Way!

The Just Love Way is a tried and true responsive sleep teaching/training method used to wean off associations such as rocking, holding, cosleeping, sucking the dummy, or feeding off to sleep. This DIY guide will step you through achieving solid sleep for your family. 

The Just Love Way is LIFE CHANGING!

Is this course for me?

  • I would like my little one to sleep 11-12 hours at night

  • If my little one needs feeds overnight, then I want more consolidated stretches

  • I want to teach my little one self settling skills & enable independent sleep

  • I want to know how to have the right amount of day sleep

  • I want to set my little one up for great naps

  • I want a happier and smoother bedtime for our family

  • I want to spend quality time with my partner in the evenings


  • My little one is between 16 weeks & 18 months of age

  • I want to do all of this in a loving & responsive way

Babies are generally able to start learning to self-settle from 16 weeks, so I recommend using this course for little ones 4 months to 18 months of age. Within two weeks of following this plan, you will see drastic improvements in your little ones' sleep. They'll be self-settling and linking those sleep cycles overnight when not due a feed.

What will I learn?

Step 1: Setting the scene


Your baby's sleep environment is crucial to good sleep and can make all the difference to their settling capabilities. In this section I will go through safe sleep practices, how to create a dark room, when to use white noise, what temperature to make their room and what to dress them in, and how to make good use of a comforter or dummy.

This step includes:

  • Audio summary

  • Safe Sleep

  • Safe Sleep Checklist 

  • Dark Room 

  • White Noise 

  • Room Temperature

  • Comforters & Dummies 

Just Love Sleep App

When you purchase the DIY Sleep Course, you get access to the Just Love Sleep App where you can access all the course material in a step by step format. Each section starts with an audio summary from Cherie, and you can also download sections as a PDF if you prefer!

Just Love Sleep Course App

The crying question...

No one likes to hear their little ones cry - it tugs at our heartstrings and we are wired to respond to our baby's cries! This course is aimed at getting your little one to Just Love Sleep in a LOVING and RESPONSIVE way.

When beginning the sleep teaching process and implementing the Just Love Way, your little one may protest cry throughout the process. Change is hard! However, as you continue to remain consistent and persistent, these protest cries will reduce and disappear.

Our little ones need us consistently, not necessarily constantly. We can be present, engaged, affectionate, and create that secure attachment for our little ones AND sleep training doesn't stop this! Our little ones need good sleep - this allows their brains and bodies to function at their best and teaching them self-settling skills enables this. We also want to feel present and connected as parents and being well-rested ourselves makes a huge difference to how we parent!

Upon purchase, the DIY Sleep Course can be instantly downloaded as a PDF downlaod, by accessing our Wix mobile app or by logging in to our website. (We highly recommend the app - it's like having a Sleep Consultant in your pocket!).

How does it work?

DIY Sleep Course to sleep through the night



Mother and baby enjoying time together before bed
surprised baby





The course is comprised of Five Steps. Each step starts with an audio overview from Cherie, followed by bite-sized lessons that you can read at your own pace. I know you will see change within a week of following these 5 steps!

           Step 1: Setting the scene

           Step 2: Prepare for sleep

           Step 3: Nights

           Step 4: Mornings

           Step 5: Naps



Need more support from Cherie? You can book an Express Phone Consult to address all your queries, or book a Phone Consult with a week of support

"I wish I had this earlier..."

"This is the manual that should come with all babies! I wish I had this earlier, it covered so many different things, from naps and feeding to routines and bedroom setup. And I really loved learning the Just Love way - it has turned our little ones sleep around for the better!"

Daily Routines Guide for Newborns and toddlers

FREE Bonus

Part of the Just Love Way is looking at your little one's daily routine - so to help, I have included my Ultimate guide of Sleep Routines which provides daily guides for all ages from Newborn to 3 years.


Just ONE guide to cover every age and stage!

​In addition there is information on how to transition naps, bedtime routines, and frequently asked questions. 36 pages of detailed sleep information to help you through each age and stage.

Your free download of the Ultimate guide of Sleep Routines will be included when you purchase the DIY Sleep Course.

Upgrade for more support

Purchase the DIY Sleep Course + CALL to include a 30 minute chat with Cherie, to personally go through any questions you have about the program, and how to resolve any sleep struggles your little one has. Or book a 1:1 Support Packages for 1 or 2 weeks of support.

DIY Sleep Course

Instant PDF download

Audio summaries

Access via App or Website

FREE Bonus - Routines Guide

Online DIY Sleep Course from Just Love Sleep

Solid sleep for

your family is

life changing

Sleep Course

Sleep Consultant Cherie Richards at desk

Meet  Cherie...

I'm a mum of 4 and I totally understand how hard and exhausting parenting is!


I’m super passionate about supporting parents in the hard times of parenthood, hence why I became an Internationally Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. Often half the battle when it comes to sleep issues is needing someone to bounce ideas off. You can’t focus when you are sleep deprived, you may try to read endless sleep books or sign up for online sleep programs, but really, you need someone to come alongside you, listen, hold your hand and say...

If you need further help with your little one's sleep, from sleep regressions & early wake ups, night wake ups and problems with naps, to recommendations on sleep products such as black out blinds, swaddles and dummies, send me a message. 

I know we can turn your life around and enable solid sleep for your little ones. Sleep deprivation robs us of those parenting joys and our little ones CAN sleep well! I can't wait to work with you and set your family up with good sleepers for life.

Together we can get your little one to Just Love Sleep!

you can do this!

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