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Baby sleep rotines guide on different screens

How much sleep does my little one need?

It can feel daunting with so much information out there on routines, sleep needs and awake windows, so I’ve put it all together in my ultimate routines guide.

My Ultimate guide of Sleep Routines provides daily guides for all ages from Newborn to 3 years.


Just ONE guide to cover every age and stage!

In addition there is information on how to transition naps, bedtime routines, and frequently asked questions. 36 pages of detailed sleep information to help you through each age and stage.

Early wakeups guide shown on different devices

Why is my little one waking early?

Are you feeling frustrated and confused over these early wakes? 

This guide will help you identify the reasons for these wakes, and know exactly how to tackle them!

With this guide you will be able to identify the reasons for these wakes and know exactly how to tackle them. It's absolutely possible to shift the time your little one wakes in the morning. They don't have to remain early birds forever..


Kiss goodbye to those pesky early morning wakeups!

In addition there is information on products that can help, such as toddler clocks and black out blinds. And 4 different approaches on starting your day, depending on your parenting style. 29 pages of detailed sleep information. Let's solve these early wakes together.

Purchase both guides together and save

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Cherie Baby Sleep Consultant at work

Meet  Cherie...

I'm a mum of 4 and I totally understand how hard and exhausting parenting is!


I’m super passionate about supporting parents in the hard times of parenthood, hence why I became an Internationally Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. Often half the battle when it comes to sleep issues is needing someone to bounce ideas off. You can’t focus when you are sleep deprived, you may try to read endless sleep books or sign up for online sleep programs, but really, you need someone to come alongside you, listen, hold your hand and say...

If you need further help with your little one's sleep, from sleep regressions & early wake ups, night wake ups and problems with naps, to recommendations on sleep products such as black out blinds, swaddles and dummies, send me a message. 

I know we can turn your life around and enable solid sleep for your little ones. Sleep deprivation robs us of those parenting joys and our little ones CAN sleep well! I can't wait to work with you and set your family up with good sleepers for life.

Together we can get your little one to Just Love Sleep!

you can do this!

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