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Sleep Well

Is your little one too hot or too cold at night?

One of our biggest concerns as parents is often around what to be dressing them in for sleep. We worry if they are too cold, if we are overheating them, what should the room temperature be etc!

Dress for sleep

Dressing Guide

Here at Just Love Sleep we take a holistic approach to sleep which means we delve into all the pieces of the sleep puzzle that can affect our little ones sleep quality. Making sure our little ones are not too cold or uncomfortable overnight is important when it comes to achieving solid sleep.


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Our 15 month old has never slept past 4.30am. We have had one consultation with Cherie and following her advice the 4am wake ups are no more.

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J. Scott

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Book in a Phone Consult TODAY and we will get your little one sleeping 11-12 hours a night (with feeds where appropriate). 

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