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5 Steps To Sleep

Here at Just Love Sleep, we want to see you enjoying parenting and thriving, not just surviving! We believe good solid sleep is possible for all families and we are on a mission to have your little ones just love sleep!


You don't need to wear sleep deprivation as a badge of honour - your little one can sleep well and we can turn things around for your family. Good sleep starts with the five simple steps below. If you can tackle these things, then you are on the road to achieving solid sleep for your little ones!

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Toddler Bedtime Flashcards

These bedtime cards are a fun visual reminder for our toddlers around what is expected of them at bedtime. We want to make their bedtime routine a connected and calm part of the day! Our toddlers thrive on predictability and routine so use these as a tool to cue them on what is coming next.


I suggest getting your toddler involved here, let them choose which cards they want or even create your own with the blanks provided. Cut around them or use it as a poster, you can even laminate them and punch a hole in them and link them all up on a binder ring! Or simply blue tack them to the wall - getting our toddlers onside with their bedtime routine is an awesome way to reinforce everything in a positive way!