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  • Fed to sleep

  • Frequent night wakes

  • Short day naps

"Ideally I want to be able to put her down to sleep and leave the room knowing she's happy and safe, and to have her sleep through the night again!"


After trying a different sleep consultant and having no success I was nervous and reluctant to try again. For three months my daughter was waking every hour some nights and at best every 2 hours. It was starting to get tough as I never really knew what the night would bring and had a lot of anxiety around her sleep.

From the first time I spoke to Cherie I knew this time would be different, she was so confident, it gave me confidence! She is so kind and understanding and was always there to help and give advice. She explained what we were doing and why we were doing it and her expertise really showed.

On the first night, Maeve only woke once. And every night since she has gone to bed at 6:15pm and woken at 6:30/7am. It's like magic. I have time in the evenings to get things done and am sleeping all night again too! I highly recommend Cherie if you’re having trouble with sleep, you won’t regret it!!


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