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Master V


  • Fighting going to sleep at night

  • Not self-settling

  • Sometimes driving around the block to get to sleep

"I would like some help to set up boundaries and help me to get her to sleep, and to help me to teach her to self settle"


When I google searched baby sleep consultants and I saw Cherie at Just Love Sleep had only 5 star reviews I thought, there must be more to this - there is no way someone could have such successful/positive reviews. However, I had nothing to lose so I contacted Cherie.

My 4.5 month old was needing to be rocked/fed to sleep (I would hold him for 20minutes after he had fallen asleep to ensure when I placed him in the cot he did not wake up), however, this was still leading to false starts.

My partner had moved into the spare room so that I could co-sleep as with the 1-2hour wakings it was becoming dangerous trying to rock/feed to sleep every time as I was so tired.

Naps were 40-45minute cat naps and everything became so stressful, tiring and unpredictable.

Cherie thoroughly went over our goals for our sons sleep and gathered extensive information to generate a sleep guide to suit us and our sons temperament. I explained to her that I wanted some flexibility during the day when we did decide to leave the house but also needed consistency too.

Our boy can now self settle, he only wakes once a night for a feed (although has slept through the last 2 nights), naps are improving and my partner is back in our room.

Cherie was only ever a text away to provide us with support, advice and encouragement.

As a family we are all so grateful to be getting more sleep, we are so much happier and I am also so proud of myself for reaching out when I did, instead of trying to go through this regression alone thinking that it was normal to feel this tired and exhausted all the time!!

I have said this a million times but thank you again Cherie!


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