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Hi, I'm Cherie!


I am a mum of 4 (including twins) and founder of Just Love Sleep. I know firsthand the effects of sleep deprivation on families. The days are long, the nights fill us with dread and we can be robbed of the parenting joys.


I wanted to provide an affordable option for parents wanting to sleep train - so this guide will take you step by step through the process that I take my 1:1 clients through, all at your own pace! 


Maybe you are:

  • feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and you're dragging yourself through most days
  • frustrated and confused over so many sleepless nights and can't pinpoint the reason behind them
  • everything feels relentless and you can see lack of sleep is taking a toll on you and your little ones!


If you can commit and follow the Just Love Way, within a week life as you know it, will start to change! You will feel well-rested, present, and connected to your little ones. You'll see joy in the small things and have a happier well-rested baby! You will no longer spend your days battling sleep... solid sleep is LIFE CHANGING!


As a Launch Special - I am offering a FREE 30-minute phone call* with every guide sold (RRP $75), so we can personally discuss your little ones' sleep and how to implement the Just Love way. 


This guide covers:

  • Goal setting page
  • Step 1: Setting the scene
  • Step 2: Prepare for sleep
  • Step 3: Nights
  • Step 4: Mornings
  • Step 5: Naps
  • Communication / crying
  • Nutrition / Feeds
  • Frequently asked questions
  • PLUS Separate Routines Guide included for free! (RRP $29)


Let's get your little one to love sleep together.

Cherie x


Pages: DIY Guide - 48, Routines Guide - 36 

Format: Digital - you can print it at home 

*Phone call to be booked online and calls are to take place after the guide has been read, and within a month of purchase.


This guide is digital, no physical product will be shipped. Buyers will receive a link to the guide in the Thank You page of the Checkout, and will also be emailed a link that will give you 30 days to access the guide. However we ask that you please keep this program to yourself and not forward it on. JustLoveSleep is a very small business, and a lot of time has gone into preparing this guide for you and your little one. Please help support a small business by keeping this in mind and not forwarding onto any third party. Thank you so much.



DIY Sleep Package

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