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I honestly cannot recommend Cherie’s service enough! We had a toddler who wouldn’t sleep in his own bed and a 4 month old waking 5-6 times a night. Cherie worked with us to create a tailored sleep plan for each child and was so understanding and supportive throughout the entire process. At the end of our program our toddler was sleeping all night in his own bed and our baby girl only waking once a night for a feed. It’s amazing how much better some extra sleep can make you feel!

The Gavin Family – Toddler + 4 month old

The Gavin Family.png
The Gavin Family
Toddler + 4 month old

Our 9 month old boy had never been a good sleeper. Getting up 3-6 times per night plus 2 night time feeds was the norm for me. But with me heading back to work, we contacted Cherie for some help. She was excellent! Cherie helped us establish a solid sleep routine for Conor, got his sleeping environment sorted out and within a week of gently helping Conor get used to it all, he was sleeping through the night with no need for us to get up to help him. Conor learned how to put his own dummy back in, even in the dark. Now he sleeps 6pm to 6am most nights, and we never left him to cry it out on his own. Our consultation with Cherie was worth every penny! We highly recommend her.

9 months

The Rokke Family.png
The Rokke Family
9 months

Cherie helped me remove the dummy from my 6 1/2 month old, not just only that helped me teach my daughter to self settle within a few nights along with full night sleeps!! Cherie is so approachable and I never hesitated to flick her a message to make sure I was on track or just for a tip along the way. She always made me feel confident in what I was doing and build that confidence in my baby that she can self settle and sleep through ❤️ We now have 7 month old who has no dummy, self settles and sleeps from 6.30pm-6.30/7am I will definitely be using Cherie in the future! I will never forget your help!! YOU ARE AMAZING CHERIE

6.5 months

The Jane Family.png
The Jane Family
6.5 months

I never realized the value of sleep until I had my little one. We were struggling with his sleep from as early as 6 weeks. He was a colicky baby and was very had to settle which in turn led to a lot of rocking and holding to sleep. We had tried training our little one before, but it never really worked. When he was about 7.5 months he wouldn’t sleep unless held. Whenever I would put him in his cot he’d wake up. So from 11 PM until 7 AM every morning he was sleeping in our arms. Which really effected his quality of sleep. He was fussy during the day and I was starting to get worried. We were also very sleep deprived!! 


We then found Cherie!! And we couldn’t have been more grateful!! It was the best investment I have ever made! From day one she was supportive and caring. She comforted my husband and I a lot through this process. And I was so surprised at how quickly it had worked! He was self setting from Night 1! And sleeping through the night by Night 4! If you are hesitant and reading this, JUST DO IT! You will NOT regret this! Thank you thank you Cherie! Our family is forever grateful!

7.5 months

The Kashid Family.jpg
The Kashid Family
7.5 months

Can you even put a price on sleep and feeling human again?  I was getting up multiple times a night to put the dummy in , re-settle & feed then not to mention having to get up to my 4 year old.

I felt drained & like I was “mothering” at half mast. After weeks of sickness and countless wakes I knew I had to do something for my sanity . I reached out to Cherie and she was able to fit me in that same week .  I prepared myself for the long haul of sleep coaching however with Cherie’s experience and helping me adjust a few things we decided the best approach was the “all or nothing” method.
So night one was to ditch the dummy , remove swaddle & move Ava out of our room and into her own room. Seems daunting all these changes I know , BUT honestly to have the support and guidance and reassurance from Cherie made the transition seamless.

After night one she was self settling and was down to one wake up. Fast forward 7 days and Ava is sleeping through the night. I have a spring in my step and I am a better mama for it!

If you are sitting on the fence and wondering if the investment is worth it... think to yourself, do I value sleep? Do I value my own needs? Will I be a better mum after a rested night? The answer is YES do it for YOU, do it for your family the outlay of money is worth every single cent... I am already planning our first date night (and that’s saying allot). Thank you Cherie , You have given me my spring back in my step!

Baby Ava

The Tromp Family.png
The Tromp Family

My baby girl was 16months and still completely dependent on me to settle and feed her throughout the night. I really enjoyed the bond (although I know it's about getting more sleep for a lot of people we were in fact sleeping well), I knew that it just wasn't sustainable to keep up this dependency throughout the night. I wanted her to sleep independently in her cot and to be able to self settle, especially if we were to have another!

So, after a LONG time of holding off on doing anything about it, I decided to contact Cherie. I'd heard great things about her approach and it really gave me comfort because I was completely scared to sleep train my girl.

Cherie was wonderful at putting my mind at ease. She spoke me through what was currently happening based on the thorough intake form that I had filled in. She was right, my daughter needed her independence and so many of the biological facts around babies and their needs really helped me frame things in my mind to realise that this was the best thing for her.

After two hard nights and following her plan, we started seeing some exciting results. On night 5 she slept from 7pm to 7:30am, had woken at 4am but had RESETTLED HERSELF which she had never done before. Although it's a road of progress not perfection, I could not recommend Cherie more highly to anyone who needs help getting more sleep, and consistent sleep for themselves and their little one.

We are so grateful I could go on and on about the facts but something that I just could not imagine ever happening has now happened and I am so happy that we took that step when we did. If my strong willed toddler can learn to sleep through the night then any baby can!

Thank you Cherie and good luck to all of those mumma's out there, you won't regret taking this next step ❤

16 months

The Bahlmann Family.png
The Bahlmann Family
16 months

Cherie was amazing! Thanks to her help, our little girl (now 9 months) has gone from feeding 3-4 times a night plus all the wake-ups in between - to feeding only once a night and sleeping soundly the rest of the time! Cherie took such great care to help us develop a plan that suited our family and parenting styles. I loved Cherie's holistic approach to sleep training (ie. looking at diet, routines and environment etc.) She provided individualised feedback through the whole process and helped us tweak things as we went along. I could not recommend Cherie more highly and am so thankful for her help. She is warm and approachable, supportive and
encouraging - particularly through the rough patches. I feel I have gained some of my sanity back now that I am getting more sleep, and our little one is much more settled. Not only that, but I now feel I have the tools and the confidence to push through any speed bumps that are sure to come our way.

Karen – Nadia 7 months

Nadia, 7 months

Cherie has been a massive help to me with my twin girls. It's tricky enough having one baby to get to sleep let alone two at the same time. Cherie was fabulous to talk to as we could both relate being a twin mum. My girls have been on a good sleep routine but I did feel like they needed some tweaking here and there (nap lengths) which Cherie corrected for me. She also gave me the confidence to get rid of the swaddle which has been a huge success. My girls are notorious early wakers which has now been adjusted to around half an hour later making a huge difference to my day. Cherie was specific to each baby as their needs were very different which I liked. I was able to fully trust in Cherie's advice and would highly recommend her to fellow mums. Thanks so much for everything!

Freya – twins 6 months

Twins, 6 months

We asked Cherie to help us with our 3 and 1/2 month old twins. The boys were going to bed at 9pm or later and day time naps were a challenge! We were getting up every three hours for feeds and were exhausted. We have gone from three feeds over night to one feed and our naps during the day are so much better. Boys are in bed around 6pm and we have our evening back! I can’t thank Cherie enough for coming along side us, answering all my questions and being an amazing cheerleader and advice giver along the way. Any technique which didn’t work for the boys were replaced with a different option. As long as you put in the effort and take on board the advice things can change for the better and fast! We highly recommend her especially if you have twins as she gets it!!!

Jo – twins 14 weeks

Twins, 14 weeks

We recently were fortunate to be recommended Cherie ... in need of something, anything, to sort out our non sleeping non self soothing 19 month twins! Getting Cherie on board to help us was the best money we have ever spent!!! Our kids immediately loved her and so did we! She listened to our way of life and without passing judgement, just words of praise and encouragement of what we have done so far ... helped us learn new ways and tweaking of routine .... by night 2 one of them was self settling and sleeping through the night with the other one, the very strong minded girl, was doing the same!!! They now self settle and sleep for 12 hours from 6pm to 6am!!! We have some of our life back and im not getting up to them 10-20 times a night! 
I can’t recommend Cherie enough... she has changed not only our lives but has helped our little people enjoy their lives more with having quality sleep both night and day! Priceless!!!

Heather - Twins 19 months

Kids Swinging
Twins, 19 months
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