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DIY Sleep Course


The Just Love Way is a tried and true responsive sleep teaching/training method used to wean off associations such as rocking, holding, co-sleeping, sucking the dummy, or feeding off to sleep. In just one week, this DIY sleep course will step you through achieving solid sleep for your family. The Just Love Way is LIFE CHANGING! Suitable for: Ages 16 weeks to 18 months Includes: 5 Step Online course (also downloadable in PDF format). Each step starts with an audio summary and is followed with bite-sized written lessons so that you can easily refer back to the sections you need the most! FREE Bonus: Includes my 'Ultimate Guide of Sleep Routines'. Confused over how many naps and feeds your little one needs as they grow older? This comprehensive guide will take you from the newborn stage to 3 years of age. How long do you have access to the course?: Forever! You can come back to the course material whenever you need it.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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